How To Add Yoluve To Your New Account

on December 26 at 10:48 PM
Now that you have signed up for your new account what can you do? You can add input to your new account. Why would you add Yoluve to your new account? When Yoluve adds new apps that work with Yoluve you will be the first one's ready to use them. What apps? Games , Tips,  Care, Fun, Lyfestyle, ect.
Get ready for the years biggest event topping 2020. It's all here
Now is the time to load your account check out our how to video below:
Gmoolah Makes this quick tutorial on how to add input on Yoluve.
 Please make sure you are logged in before adding input.
 All input will be in pending status when sucessfully complete.
 When apps are added you will be able to acess input.
 Please make sure a Waves wallet
 Also make sure you have an account
 Stay up to date like, join or groups, and comment!

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