Use of Ij Start Canon to Setup Canon Printer on Windows and MAC

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Canon is an all-in-one, versatile printer, known for delivering the best printing, scanning, and copying services. The printers are highly reliable to use and comes with a plethora of features which makes them stand apart from the other printer brands available in the market. If you are looking forward to using the Canon Printing service, you need to complete the setup process. The printer comes with multifunctional peripherals which help to increase productivity. Users can monitor their printer functions actively with the help of print management software specially designed for the computers like Canon IJ Scan Utility, Canon IJ Network, and the other available tools. So, let’s proceed next and find the simple steps to complete the setup process on Windows or Mac device. 

What is the Role Of Printer Software Utility 

IJ Printer Utility and IJ Scan Utility is an application designed by Canon to make the printing and scanning jobs simpler. The IJ Scan Utility allows the users to scan for the document and pictures on their computer using their Windows on Mac device. The utility helps to save the data automatically in the present folder and allows users to browse through the folder for extracting the documents and attach files to the email. 

How to Setup The Canon IJ Printer?

Below, we have mentioned the step-by-step guidelines for setting up the Canon IJ Printer. So, read on and follow the simple instructions to complete the task. 

Steps for Download Printer Software

The Canon IJ printer does not come with a manual CD for the printer software and driver installation. Thus, a user needs to visit the website to download the latest version of drivers and software and their device according to the operating system compatibility.
Once the user successfully downloaded printer drivers, double click on the downloaded file for the installation of drivers. When you see the popup message appearing on your screen and saying that how would you like to connect your printer. If you want to connect your device wirelessly, choose the 'Wireless Connection', and if you want to connect it through a wired connection, choose the 'USB connection method'.
For Mac users, a popup may appear and ask to type the password. So, you need to type the correct password to proceed with the setup process.
Turn on the Printer
For Mac users, a popup may appear and ask to type the password. So, you need to type the correct password to proceed with the setup process.
Connect with Wifi
If you have chosen the 'Wireless Connection' method for connecting your printer, you need to press and hold the Wi-Fi button on your device till you see the WiFi light flashing twice.

Flashing Blue and Green Lamps
If you see the 'WiFi' lamp flashing with 'Green' light, it clearly states that your printer is connected to your Wireless router and all set for the WiFi connection. Now, you can proceed next and begin the installation process.

Read License Agreement
In the next steps, you will see the License Agreement. Here, you have to accept the terms and conditions to proceed next. Also, provide the required information about your region or country. After this, you will see your printer name appearing with the Wireless network.

At last, you need to hit the 'Complete' button to complete the Canon Wireless Setup process on your device.

That's All! Your Canon IJ Setup is now complete and you are all sets to print documents wirelessly. It doesn't matter if you are setting the connection for a new printer or for the older one, the wireless set up guidelines are simple and helpful to complete the task.

Canon IJ Setup With Wired Connection 

 If you are planning to set up your Canon IJ printer using the wired connection, proceed with the step-by-step guidelines mentioned below and complete the task:
1.) To complete the wired connection setup, visit the ij.start canon web link. There, you have to choose the 'Setup Network Connection via USB' and then move to the next step.
2.) The next screen appearing will ask you to move forward and connect your printer to the computer using the USB cable If you are using the MAC device, you can tap on the 'Next' option.
3.) After this, you will see the access point on your screen to which your device is connected. If you would like your printer to be connected with the particular Wi-Fi network, then proceed further and Tab on the Yes option.
4.) You are using the Mac device, then you have to click on the ' allow' option. On the next screen, you have to disconnect your printer from the computer and click on the 'Next' option. Windows users can click on the 'Complete' option, Only for the Mac users; once you have connected the printer and computer, hit the Ok button.
5.) Now, proceed to 'Add Printer'.
6.) On the next screen, you need to click on the 'Driver Version', you would like to add.
7.) Tap on Next and follow the onscreen guidelines to complete the task.
8.) So, these are some simple steps that can help you to connect the Canon IJ printer and print the documents using Wired Network Connection.

What are the Requirements to Connect to Wifi Network

Before you proceed with the Canon IJ Setup on the Wireless Network, it is necessary for you to meet certain requirements to connect your printer to Wireless Network without any hassle. Here are the steps to follow:
1.) Check and make sure that there is an access point like router, modem, or Wireless modem for the network connectivity. Also, you need to make sure that these access points are working fine and connection is provided to them.
2.) Also, you must have a computer on a Mac device with internet connectivity for the Canon IJ setup. To make sure that your device is successfully connected to the internet, you can open the web browser and type on the address bar. Hit the button.
3.) Now you would be able to see all the details about the Canon it setup process.
4.) There are certain guidelines involved in connecting your Canon IJ Printer to the WiFi network like mentioned below:
5.) Usually, the Canon Printing device comes with an installation CD for the Wireless setup. But, if you do not have a CD, you can directly download the printer drivers and software from setup website for your printer.
6.) Click on the "next” button on the screen appearing after this. If you are using the Mac device then you may have to enter the password for installing the helper tool. Again, tap on the Next button to proceed further.
7.) The next step is very important, here you need to choose whether you want to connect your printer to a wired or wireless network. We recommend you to go for the Wireless Network.
8.) You have to keep in your mind that the printer must be turned on and the power light should be blinking.
After that tap on the Next option.
9.) Now you need to connect to the network. On the next screen, choose the 'Cableless' setup option.
10.)In the next step, you will see the 'Connection via cableless setup' option. From here, you need to move to the 'Printer's WiFi' option and.
11.) Keep on holding this option unless you see the Orange light blinking twice and then release.
12.) Make sure that your blue colour Wi-Fi light is blinking.
13.) Select the region to which you begin and tap on the Next option.
14.) Put the place where you live and hit the Next button.
15.) Install the software you would like to install on your device, On the following screen, tap on the Yes option and make sure that you are
16.) agreed with the Terms and Conditions of License Agreement.
17.) Follow the onscreen guidelines and complete the wireless setup process.

Canon Wireless Setup For Windows

Proceed with the step-by -step instructions mentioned below and complete the setup of the Canon printer on Windows computer using the Wireless Connection
1.) Turn on the Canon printer.
2.) Now, on your printer screen, choose the settings option and then using the down-arrow button, find 'Device Settings', click on it and tap on the ‘Ok’ button.
3.) Now, you need to choose the 'LAN Settings' option. Hit the Ok button.
4.) Click on the 'Down Arrow' button again to select the 'Wireless LAN Setup' for your printing device.
Now, your printer will start looking for the available Wi-Fi networks. Make sure that you have turned on your router and the flashlight is blinking.
5.) Now, you need to choose the 'WiFi' option from the list of networks appearing on your printer screen.
6.) Proceed Next and type the 'WEP/WPA' key and hit the 'Ok' button.
7.) Again, you need to click on the Ok button to complete the setup process.
8.) After this, visit the website to download the supported printer driver and software on your device.
9.) Follow the on-screen guidelines and complete the installation process.
10.) Now, open the 'Control Panel' and click on the 'Devices and Printers' option.
11.) Click on the 'Add a printer' option present on the top left side of the screen.
12.) Choose the printer modem you want to set up on the next screen appearing and wait for a while.
13.) Your Canon IJ Printer Wireless Setup on Windows computer is now complete and you are all set to print the documents.

Canon IJ Wireless Setup For Mac

The section below is explaining the step by step guidelines for Canon printer setup on Mac device using the wireless connection:

1.) Turn on your canon printer, Mac device, and wireless router.
2.) Follow the setup instructions and connect your Canon printer to the Wi-Fi network.After this, you need to visit https // website to download the printer driver and software for Mac devices. Follow the on-screen guidelines and complete the setup process.
3.) Now, you need to open the 'Apple menu' on your Mac computer and select the 'System and Preferences' option.
Click on the 'Printer and Scanner'.
4.) From the next screen prompting, you can click on the '+' sign and choose the Canon printer model from the list appearing.
5.) At last, you need to click on the 'Add' button.
6.) That's All! Your printer is now successfully connected to the Wi-Fi network on Mac devices.

In case you are having troubles in connecting your printer to the wired or wireless network, we recommend you to reboot your printer, computer, and router. After that, try to set up your printer again. If your device is still not connecting to the network, then there could be something wrong with your router. We recommend you to reset the router to its factory default and try to connect again. To restore the factory default settings of your printer, you can Press and Hold the 'Cancel or Resume' button. You need to hold the button until you see the alarm light flashing for 17 times. After that, release the button and it will restore all the factory default options for your printer. If you are still having trouble, visit the and get the expert advice to complete the task.

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