“Wolf from the Wall Street” Essay

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Success, prosperity, and total democracy are known to be the most distinct features and outcomes of the American Dream. It is hard to argue that not every single American is on the verge of making his or her American Dream come true. However, it should be noted that people actually are still excited about striving for the American Dream, even though its lack of feasibility becomes obvious. What is more, criticizing the American Dream concept seems to obtain a form of a trendy tendency. Therefore, it is necessary to provide an example when the American Dream actually empowers an individual in making effort for the improvement of his life. Jorden Belfort provides a perfect example of that in his book “Wolf from the Wall Street”

In fact, it is possible to divide “The American Dream evolution” of the main character into three phases. To begin with, Jorden realizes that he deserves something better than his average work in the bank. However, he was advised to start leading a ‘party animal’ lifestyle, but with noisy parties comes the understanding that he has a chance to become a thriving guy.

Then, after having acquainted with his neighbour, Jorden started running a new business with him. The belief in a prosperous future was so strong that “Forbes” magazine called Jorden a “Wolf from the Wall Street”. Taking this into consideration, it is to be admitted that Jorden started his fight for the American Dream, which seemed to be so close.

However eventually, things turned out against Jorden. He was accused of forgery and was imprisoned. He was released earlier for the cooperation with the police and started conducting seminars about “arts” of trading. As a result, by striving for American Dream, Jorden found his place in the society, even though he became not as rich as he was intended to.

Finally, it is to be said that the American Dream still can have positive outcomes, but it is single evidence of that. Thus, the American Dream actually implies moral and social prosperity. In such a way, the third component, democracy, will have its real meaning.


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