Lukki. io x True PNL 1 Million AirDrop + 1000 True PNL Premium Access

on October 28 at 02:30 PM


We are pleased to announce that Lukki Exchange together with True PNL — public trading platform, launched $1 000 000 AirDrop!

Total pool size: $1 000 000 in tokens + 1 000 Premium Access to True PNL (1 Year)
Activity Period: September 15, 2020, 03:00 PM, to September 30, 2020, 03:00 PM (UTC)

Task Reward:
Sign up in Lukki. io (+$15)
Sign up in True PNL (+$15)
Connected the exchange API-key to True PNL (+$50)
Make content about AirDrop (+$50) 

Referral Bonuses

Bonus for attracting a user who will connect the API-Key
Prize: 60% of the prize for the exchange API connections.

Bonus for referral activity
Prize: 20% of the other activities
(API key connection is not taken into account)

The first 1000 users who created public cards on True PNL
Prize: 1000 True PNL Free Access

For example, you invited friend and he did the following activities:

Sign up in Lukki. io (+$15)
Sign up in True PNL (+$15)
Connected the exchange API-key to True PNL (+$50)
Tweeted his public card (+$5)

In total, your referral earned $85 + 1 True PNL Free Access. You, as a referrer, earned $30 - is your referral API key connection percentage, and $7 is your percentage for other activities.

AirDrop Bot
To make your tasks more convenient, we have created a bot in the telegram that allows you to track your progress. You can find it using the following login: @ TruePNLandLukkiAirdrop_bot

More Information:

About True PNL

True PNL is a social crypto trading platform that aims to democratize trading activities. The analytical tools and statistics available on True PNL will allow investors to make more informed decisions when copying trades, while traders will get passive income from their strategies.

About Lukki. io

Lukki. io is a crypto exchange, providing a user-friendly platform with convenience design. The innovative gamification process, offered by Lukki. io allows you to earn money by having fun. Pass the levels, earn points, receive awards, and monetize your achievements together with Lukki Exchange.

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