What causes hair loss in men and women?

on October 13 at 06:13 AM
Baldness or hair loss in humans is a genetic trait, yet contrasting to you might've been told, it is not certain that baldness is passed down by your maternal grandfather to you. Science has come to realize that hair loss stems from both sides of the family and both men and women can be affected by that. The genes of hair loss can omit many generations and are exponentially random when it comes to which sibling might suffer it, be it a male or female. The origin of hair loss for one family member might be unlike than that of another. And it is very crucial to recognize the origin of your hair loss to do something about it. Here are a few reasons that might be causing baldness for many:

Causes in MEN:

The male pattern baldness, also recognized as androgenetic alopecia is the paramount cause of male baldness. The hair follicles of men which are responsive to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DTH) usually lose them with time DHT-sensitive hair becomes finer, thinner and weaker and at some point, they stop growing altogether. Most of the men have healthy, DHT-resistant hair follicles surrounding the back and sides of their heads. Luckily, there are many clinics these days providing one with very efficient treatment for Hair Transplant Ludhiana to combat the serious issue of balding by using those very hairs to restore hair in the balding area.

Causes in WOMEN:
Hormones, age, and genetics can prove to be the leading cause of hair loss in women. The female pattern of hair loss which is also known as androgenetic alopecia is the leading cause of hair loss in women. The patterns of hair loss in women can be very distinct from those of men and it (hair loss) might be induced by a serious medical condition demanding a lot of attention and good treatment at the earliest.

Other reasons for Hair Loss:

It causes spot baldness as it’s an autoimmune disorder; it can cause baldness from just one area to the whole body losing hair itself or just the scalp. It causes the hair follicles to become passive but still, the cause alopecia areata is not known exactly. In many cases, it corrects itself.

TRACTION ALOPECIA - Mainly found in women, it is caused by any hairstyles that force hairs to be pulled out harshly or wearing tight braids and ponytails. Also, heat styling, rigorous brushing of hair, massages which are given on rough scalp can harm the cuticle. This can badly reduce the volume of hairs, and make strands to be weak and eventually break off. Yet such an issue can be easily solved by taking good care of the hairs or in really bad cases a treatment of Hair Transplant Punjab, done by a well-skilled surgeon can be immensely helpful too.

HYPOTHYROIDISM - The related medications to treating an underactive thyroid can lead to hair loss mainly in the frontal area including the outer third of one's eyebrows. Hyperthyroidism is an overactive thyroid which also causes balding and loss of hairs.

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