ONPASSIVE Launch Loll-Out

on March 09 at 08:20 PM

Why the launch of ONPASSIVE is different than any online program we have ever seen. Basically, those of us who have been online marketers for a while, we are used to programs launching and then after a while disappearing, None of them were ever built to be here long-term, so we couldn’t really build a reliable source of residual income, that will be paying us for the rest of our lives.

Not to mention being able to forward that income stream to our next generation. So when you think about it, ONPASSIVE is a very, very big deal. We are talking about a business here that will generate hands-free income for all of us as reseller customers, for the rest of our lives and our future generations.

So what might that take to successfully launch a real complete system like ONPASSIVE?

A lot of programming to build all of the tools from scratch and re are talking tools of tomorrow, not the same old tools of yesterday.

A lot of testing to ensure the functionality of the system is perfect and without glitches once released to the public.

A lot more testing to make sure the system will be able to handle the load it’s going to be under once hundreds of thousands and possibly even millions of people will be using the system within just months after launch.

Let me as you a simple question. Are you willing to be patient and let the professionals that built the ONPASSIVE system go through all the necessary procedures to deliver to us a top-quality, robust system that we will all truly enjoy? Yes, some will basically enjoy it for the money it will generate. But some so many of us are looking forward to getting our hands on those real, next-gen online AI tools that will help us in so many ways.

I sure am.

However, here are a few things we can do while the ONPASSIVE system thoroughly gets tested and every necessary step gets taken to make it a success for all of us, unlike anything we have ever seen before.

Share your GoFounders link and if you don’t have one because you aren’t a GoFounder, then your top priority should be to become a GoFounder. In fact, that, in all honesty, should be your only concern.

Because if you are a GoFounder, you are in great shape for fast results in ONPASSIVE. If you are a GoFounder with even just one GoFounder on your team, you are already in super shape for rapid results in ONPASSIVE after it launches.

If you can afford it, paying for others to get them on your team is one quick and easy way to secure an awesome position in ONPASSIVE. If you truly want it and start to see yourself achieving it, all the necessary ideas will come. All you have to do is take action when they do.

We are all in it to win it. See you at the top. Join our team.

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