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on February 20 at 05:34 PM

I this publication, I will attempt to explain what an Internet Marketing Company is. But more importantly, I will point out the paradigm shift that is happening in internet marketing right now, leveling the playing field so everybody has a chance at success and financial freedom.

Internet marketing companies have been around since nearly the beginning of the internet. Internet marketing has made a few people very rich while at the same time many who tried to do the same, lost money trying and eventually gave it up.
This has happened to many people. I could come up with some fairly precise theories why it works so well for some and not at all for most. However, that is not what this publication is about.

So there have been many internet marketing companies. Some of which were selling physical products, while others were selling strictly digital products. Most so-called MLM companies are internet-based even the ones that sell lotions and potions. Physical products in other words.

That basically means that they are internet marketing companies because practically all of the action of referring new people is on the internet using a web-based platform to work from.

And of course, all of the companies that sell digital products only, but have a referral or affiliate program, are obviously internet marketing companies since the entire operation is internet-based. I mentioned earlier that some internet marketers made a lot of money while most people who tried it lost money instead of making any.

When you think about the way that most people live, just getting by from day to day with a day-job, and then suddenly they try to be an internet marketer, with all of the pick me clutter, the internet is filled with, it’s no wonder people fail.

However, there is a paradigm shift happening that completely levels the playing field as far as the ability to become equally successful with the rich guys is concerned. The only thing this paradigm shift platform does not do for you is to makes the decision to get started. However, if you take that first step and get the ball rolling, the system will escalate your success from there.

Most people need more money, so it only makes sense that they would go looking on the internet for a way to make additional money. Is there any reason why it should bite them on the ass when they do? Well, that is how the old way of internet marketing worked. 

Now let me show you how the new way of internet marketing works with ONPASSIVE, through artificial intelligence.

Success now comes with a guarantee, yes you are guaranteed to be making money if you get started. But you do have to get started because there is no magic involved here.

Okay, so how does it work?

The company sells digital products. And here’s why. 

When people want to get started making money on the internet they need the following to get started.

  • A stable company that pays them well.
  • Online tools to use in order to promote that business.
  • An ever-flowing stream of people who will check out their offers and buy their products or service.

ONPASSIVE has you covered on all three points. You are well paid for promoting the digital products of ONPASSIVE and you don’t even need to promote it to become successful because the system does that for you.

When you get started, you get access to all of the tools you need for marketing any product or service you may have online.

ONPASSIVE also provides you with traffic to your pages 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

What do you have to do in order to make money with ONPASSIVE, after you buy your starter package?

There is nothing you have to do to start making money or even become successful. Yes, your financial freedom is guaranteed.

Okay, so I understand that there is nothing required of me to do to make money. But Is there anything a person can do to make money faster?

If you are starting at the lowest level, then there are 2 things you can do to make money faster and have a lot more withdrawable money much sooner.

  1. You can upgrade to higher levels.
  2. You can refer people to ONPASSIVE by inviting them through your invite link.

How many upgrade levels are there?

There are 4 upgrade levels. They are as follows.

25 US Dollars. This level gives you access to a fabulous set of online marketing tools. But no traffic to your pages.

125 US Dollars. This level gives you access to more online marketing tools and also gives you traffic to your pages to build your team under you.

250 US Dollars. This level gives you access to even more tools as well as even more traffic to your pages to build your team faster.

500 US Dollars. At this level, you are all in. Here you get access to the entire suite of online marketing tools and even more traffic to build your team even faster.

At what point does withdrawable money become available to a new reseller customer?

After you are all in, withdrawable commissions become available to you quickly, and they will grow bigger daily for the rest of your life.

Can I still become successful even if I start only at the 25 US Dollar level?

Yes, you can But it will take much longer because this level does not give you traffic to start building your team. However, your team will still start building from the spillover of your sponsor. 

What if I am not an internet marketer and I don’t know how o do any marketing, can I still be successful?

Yes, as I mentioned before, there isn’t anything you have to do, that is why everyone is guaranteed to succeed.

ONPASSIVE. Generating financial freedom for every reseller customer who gets started by buying one of the entry levels.

Can I buy whatever entry-level I want?

Yes, but each level must be paid, starting at the lowest level. So you can buy just the 25 US Dollars level, or if you want to come in at the 125 US Dollars level, then you must pay for the 25 and the 125 levels. So if you wanted to go all-in, it would cost you 900 US Dollars.

Can you even imagine investing only 900 US Dollars into a business that is guaranteed to be successful?

With ONPASSIVE, even at the 25 US Dollars level, you are guaranteed to become successful. Just at a much slower pace.

So you decide what works best for you and you can’t lose because this opportunity is money-back guaranteed. And if ONPASSIVE is launched already, you can start with a 7 days free trial. Posted by a leader of the GoLink.Team cool

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