Excerpt from - Mother's Monastery

on August 14 at 06:08 PM

Mother's Monastery

I want to assure you that written works will always come forth from the crystal-clear waters of comfort and wisdom from my Monastery.  Behold, I cannot give what was not given to me to give, neither can I lead those who were not meant to be led by my words. You can, however, gain the confidence to proceed or continue searching within to find many answers to your life's mystery.  The Creator and creation answer us when the time is right.

My Word for This Moment

  1. There exist the Creator of life and matter. Many attributes the Creator encompasses, and we humans are allowed to experience some of it for a reason and purpose.  At this level we are at we can appreciate simple wonders with our senses and still emanate various emotions towards it.  Does the blooming of a flower make us angry or sad?  Does the birth of our firstborn bring us great disappointment and despair?  Or does the affirmation of a great financial windfall instantly arise fear in us?  In most instances, the opposite emotion is experienced and just the same with the effects of nature upon your senses that was intended to flow through your very existence.  This is why nature surrounded us.  You feel the connection to greatness and to unspoken excellence whenever contact with bare nature is made.  This contact is so powerful in the beings of which creation flows that the No. 1 song topping the chart of the day is rendered pale in comparison and is given a back seat.  Do I still need to tell you that you will know if you are a benefactor of this creation, by merely turning your attention inwardly you can find some answers no one else can give you but yourself? 

So you already know this.   It is good.  However, does your life reflect that you do know this?  Nevertheless, for those who would like to go through this step by step, which in reality each step is perhaps different for another, I would leave you here to ponder and work on connecting to your natural space.  This here water is free and if a lantern was flickered within the light shall glow ever brighter. 

It Shall Be

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