Not To Complain, But...

on May 31 at 11:56 PM

Not To Complain, But...


by Richard Cummings

Recently, I decided never to complain about not having anything to write about...from now on. It has been an interesting week, or few days, if you are paying attention to the news. I am proud to say I know important things like how much Bezos is worth, or that 5G is now available, who will play Batman, and the Trump saga. I never have time to read it all but it's good to know A.O.C. is going back to being a bartender now. I can say I am an informed citizen for the next few hours. I don't know how my father survived by reading a newspaper. I don't understand that generation who's the icing on the cake was reading the entire obituary section.

The headline about Trump and Mexico tariffs made my heart increase a beat and the average millennial being worth only $8,000 skipped a beat. I am happy I never gave being a relator a second thought. Who is in charge of this mess being created?; not Satan. I just can't imagine him letting Bezos get away with all that money when A.O.C is bartending. Confusing yet? It gets much worse. "China steps up retaliation to U.S. tariffs". Oh well, nothing new here. Let me add, there is no such thing as denial any more. I will revert to trying not to color outside of the lines.


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