on May 29 at 10:42 PM

by Richard Cummings


The last few days I have been trying to locate the most popular world, U.S. News headlines. There are many ones to choose from, especially if you get your news from the internet. Growing up, I remember my father sitting on the couch reading the Newspaper and turning on the television for the news hour. Recently, I have tried to answer the question, if the internet existed back then if there would be as many news stories. No one can read all the news today coming from the internet unless you had nothing better to do. If you and I just had the newspaper to read today, we would definitely have fewer trees.

Given my personal 15-20 minute self-restriction reading the news, I have to be selective on which stories to read. (much like the limit children spend playing games). If I didn't earn a graduate degree in Social Work, I think it would have been History or Art; fortunately, I have a natural talent for both. Have you ever tried to prioritize the news? I never consciously do it, I select by how long it will keep my attention. More secondary items include information on Astronomy or even Space X, changes in where we are sending our military and Navy. As a Social Worker, I have more interest in why am I here, the news on threats to our existence and if we finally found alien life.

As a writer, it's rare I find current news stories which are worth my time and grabs my motivation to keep my interest. Thank goodness applications like U-Tube, Medium; non- social media sites, which give me the inspiration to write. I am interested in Quantum physics, Cern, and recently, high altitude neurological changes at high altitudes; or, what the hell has killed 11 hikers on Mt. Everest. Each hour, something is happening in the world which may have the potential to affect you and me, and maybe the entire world. Hopefully, it is not destructible and is inspirational to motivate us to get through our day.


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