Depression: Can it Just Go Away

on May 24 at 11:58 PM
by Richard Cummings

Depression: Can It Just Go Away?


by Richard Cummings

I have been a Clinical Social Worker for over 20 years and have seen people who have suffered from depression. In fact, this is the time of the year when more people suffer from this disease. You noticed I mentioned a disease? At any time a person is sad for any reason and it lasts for more than a few weeks; it's not because of a significant change of life, it is classified as clinical depression in my mind. Situations such as the sudden death of a loved one of a divorce, where I would recommend someone see a doctor or psychiatrist, then a therapist, in that order. Some may disagree with me, but I have experienced some of those losses and if you can't think straight, talk therapy will not do any good.

Depression can affect teens, pre-teens, adults and older adults. For parents of a child, if you think your son or daughter may need to be evaluated, a simple visit to a pediatrician will help. Your doctor is the best person to go to. You do not need to see a Psychiatrist; you can try, but it will take weeks if not months to get an appointment. Depression is important to catch in its early stages when one or two of the following symptoms are observed or noticed:

Lack of interest in things which used to be interesting.

Withdrawal from friends or social situations

Thoughts of not being worthwhile

Shifting of moods from extreme happiness to being very sad

There are more symptoms, but I hope you get the picture. It is a feeling of "blah". You say to yourself, "why even wake up, there is no one who wants to see me". The worst one being, "why live any longer?". In most cases, the person who is depressed does not know it and is more clear by others who know the person. Let me make this more clear, as far as treatment, saying, "oh, it will pass soon," or, "get up and get going, you will feel better", these statements will not work. Why? there is much more going on than you could ever imagine. One of those is a biochemical change in the brains neurons and synapses; brain chemistry changes is easier to explain. Your doctor can prescribe medications that have little if not side effects today, as your doctor will explain to you. Until then, get help. Depression can potentially be deadly if not treated.


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