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Development started in April, 2018 by the former mmm admins who have worked with Sergei Mavrodi and have studied the challenges associated with the old system on this basis innovated a new system to curb the flaws of the old system. This MMM is automated 
 launched on 6th October, 2018
MMM is a global community where people help each other. 
MMM gives you a technical platform which helps thousands of its members worldwide to connect those who NEED help with those who are willing to PROVIDE help. 
It is a fully automated System, well-planned, calculated, simple to provide and get help.
MMM Global.World is not  here to promise you unrealistic mavro growth unlike many out there still copying and pasting the old codes and programs which always lead to incessant restarts.
In summary, here are the main conditions for participation in MMM Global World:
➡️ Robot Johnny Mnemonic (isolated robot with closed random generation of exchange between participants) 24 hours a day controls all transactions with Provide Help orders (PH) and Get Help orders (GH);
➡️ Currently there are three categories of mavro growth rates (10%, 15% or 30% per month), carefully designed for the stability and durability of the System. It's up to you to choose what suits your needs!
➡️ The minimum PH value is 0.0015 BTC (it is just about $10) and there is no maximum limit. 
➡️ All PH orders are automatically confirmed within 2 hours after 3 Blockchain confirmations;
➡️ There is no need to attach proof of payment;
➡️ Receiving a request for assistance (GH) is paid from 5 minutes to 48 hours during the time specified in the request automatically;
➡️ The deposit percentage is calculated and credited to your Personal Office (PO) every Thursday at 00.00 UTC;
➡️ Being a member, you automatically become a guider after your downline / referral has been registered by you, so you do not need to study and finish the school of guiders;
➡️ In addition, the so-called human factor is eliminated, which:
???? Delay in confirmation;
???? Call for expansion;
???? False proof of payment;
???? Fake PH Orders;
???? Not executing GH orders because of panic;
Multiple Creating Multiple Accounts for Reference Schemas
???? Leaders who withdraw bonuses without PH are not possible because they need a PH every week to access the bonus of the weekly spread.
???? This global participation is not limited to any country thanks to the adoption of Bitcoin as the system currency;
???? The introduction of artificial intelligence into the System to replace CRO department is another measure designed to make this system more durable than the old problems of reducing the human factor that arise in the old system.
???? And one of the most important: the risk of restarting is minimized!
To join and get registered in MMM Global.World is very simple. If you decide to join MMMGlobal and build up your own successful structure, just ask the guiders here how.
Feel free to ask questions on areas you seek clarification, and our guiders will answer them as soon as possible.
And remember: The secret of success in life is to be ready for an opportunity when it comes.
Join MMM Global.World now!
Never back!
Look and walk forward!
Together we change the world!
The best time is now 
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