on April 24 at 05:17 PM
It is a new automatic financial social network!
➡️ We have 3 types of Mavro growth tariffs you can opt- 30%, 15% or 10%
➡️ Mavro growth % is calculated and credited to your PO every Thursdays 00.00 UTC
➡️Minimum PH is ($10) or 0.0015btc Bitcoin and No maximum Limit
➡️All PH-orders confirmed automatically within 2 hours after 3 confirmations from Blockchain.
➡️Get Help request is paid from 5 minutes to 48 hours within the time showing on the order automatically
➡️ No fear of rules breaking as CRO function is not relevant here in this new system
????Not honouring GH orders due to panic as GH orders is being paid by the MIR robot
???? Creating multiple accounts for referral schemes will not work here
???? Leaders withdrawing bonuses without PH not possible as they must PH to access their weekly differential bonus
???? This Global participation not limited to any country hence the adoption of Bitcoin as the system currency
???? Only one bonus is obtainable here for anyone who chooses to promote the system
????To Register click here
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???? join My chat group
  1. ???? Together we change the world!

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