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on October 19 at 04:55 AM
It is very difficult to make predictions and you know this perfectly, dear readers. Nevertheless, I will try to make some, at least on the basis of the fact that I have been dealing with this topic for more than two years already. So let's go.

1. For some time, the number of crypto networks will still grow, but then several dozen players will remain on the market. Perhaps there will be about 100 main and several hundred specialized or niche projects. It is here, and also in some other popular crypto services of the world, fiat (traditional capital) will come gradually. Fiat will continue to lose its position and will continue to transfer to blockchain.

2. Crypto social networks will gradually oust the traditional ones from the market, as it becomes unprofitable to communicate and write in traditional networks. Users will prefer to receive money for their spent time. A large number of 50+ users will come to the crypto network for the same reason.

3. Crypto networks will replace traditional media, while the most famous niche bloggers will supplant specialized media. I will not talk about the growing number of subscribers in blogs about beauty and health. Why go far? For example, I have been writing about crypto social networks for two years now. It is much easier to find information on crypto social networks in my blogs than in any other "official" edition.

4. Crypto networks will continue to form a new nation on our planet. Today, examples of Decenturion, Empowr, Bitnation, Steemit and other projects clearly indicate this. Some communities have their own presidents, ministries and people communicate there, regardless of nationality, religion, political beliefs, etc. Users like this.

5. Large crypto networks continue to expand and they will increase the number of applications and forks. Just look at how Steemit is developing to understand this. And Steemit, as you know, is one of the very first and most successful models, and other crypto networks will follow this model. That means that the system of rewarding users for their activity will be developed everywhere, the curatorship system and the system of boosterization as well, and the quality of content will gradually improve/ that means the coins of crypto networks will grow in their price.

These are just the main predictions that I can make today, but believe me, I still have quite a lot of them. If you're interested, subscribe to my blogs and then you will not miss the next issue of predictions about trends in crypto social networks.

Boris Siomin,

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