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on February 27 at 12:00 PM
  • Why is this project interesting? 

● CryptoSocial is a global crypto-currency platform designed to cross international
boundaries. Emerging markets are experiencing the highest growth right now and we
want to provide an experience where it is comfortable for people at all levels of the
community to share ideas and communicate freely.
● CryptoSocial launched in it’s testing phase in Brazil and is now a fully functional social
network with thousands of daily active users, and plans to quadruple its user base by the
end of the year.
● Translation tools, easy sharing of photos,video, links and stories in an open environment
along with a familiar user experience are some of the core advantages over other

● Developers and users can also come together to combine bounty and airdrops
campaigns, providing various tools such as blogs, forums, ad-serving and more.
CryptoSocial's website :

Token's information

Contract address:0x275FD328C3986be83f8b60f79c73cf63Fde98Ca5
Symbol: CSL
Token type: ERC20
Mining: Premined
Decimals: 18

Total Supply: 21000000
Exchanges :

Join the #Airdrop platfom to get 20$CSL. 

You can find the Cryptosocial's airdrop on blog space of the plateform. Search the article titled "Airdrop 3 CryptoSocial (CSL)"

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